Friday, June 09, 2006:

Donnie Darko (2001) (with intentions)

Donnie Darko (with intentions)
Donnie Darko, dir: Richard Kelly
This is a great initiative!

I have an extreme fascination with movie stairs, the most explicitly vibrant being the ones in Cocteau's 'Beauty and the Beast' and Cronenberg's 'Spider'.
Ah, and Red Hot Chilly Pepper's 'Otherside', but that's another story.:)

Great work!
Funny, I just watched Beauty and the Beast but it was before I started this project, so I didn't get the shot. I'll have to see it again; it's a great film.

Sunset Blvd. and The Big Lebowski have some great stairs too, and of course Vertigo. :-) Those will be going up some time or another.
Beautiful indeed!

I was trying to remember the painter of some surreal pictures of stairs that got into my mind the minute I saw your shots.
And of course, Escher...:)
Here they are:
Actually, this is the second influance on RHCP's 'Otherside' (the first being 'The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari', right?).
Oh, Tanovic's 'Hell' has something like stairs, the floors at least, but the scene is truly impressive (not to mention dauntingly genious and essential).
Escher did some amazing work; I'd love to see a set using something like them.

I haven't seen that RHCP clip (or the Tanovic film, though I've heard good things about it), but Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is an amazing film. It's past time for me to pick that one up again; thanks for the reminder.
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