Friday, October 20, 2006:

The Last Wave (1977)

The Last Wave
The Last Wave, dir: Peter Weir
IMDb has this one as 1.85:1; the Criterion disc says it's 1.77:1. I believe Criterion.
I think that's a safe bet!

Love these stairs, love this scene, love the shot that comes just before it, love this movie.
Which shot is that? They're all sitting to dinner and then he hears something and goes to check it out. Was the shot of the four of them at the table what you're thinking of?
Just the incidental shot of the faucet outside is what I'm thinking of, the one that I posted a still from not so very long ago. I guess that isn't just before, huh?
Ah, sorry. Sometimes I am too literal. The best exchange to show this:
Friend: "You take everything literally."
Me: "No I don't."

I'd like to say I was making a joke....

Yes, the contrast between nature and technology in the film was thought-provoking.
You know, this is one of my favorite stairs pics here too (this one and Fitzcarraldo).
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