Friday, January 26, 2007:

They Came Back (2004)

They Came Back (2004)
They Came Back, dir: Robin Campillo
just had a short look through your site - great stuff!!!
are there rules as to what kind of stairs, or how many times a movie is posted, if not here some suggestions:
you already have the untouchables, but not train station shootout stairs. basically the entire depalma oeuvre is full of stairs (he loves his potemkin-references).
blues brothers (with the nun). my fave: the money pit.
i´m not sure, do you have psycho?
most courtroomdramas have the stairs in front of the courthouse.
ohh, ohh, i think there was a great one in "in the line of fire". and how about french connection. and single white female, i think has one of those "hitchcockian" stairs. ghostbusters. dude, this is a kick, i love this site - is there any kind of special theory behind it?
tomdwayne, I'm glad you like it, and thanks for the suggestions. I had a list of about 20 films already that I haven't yet gotten screengrabs from (Fanny and Alexander, 8 1/2, Shadow of a Doubt, etc.) but most of your suggestions weren't on the list yet.

Psycho was posted here (the first overhead shot; the second has Arbogast and Mother).

I post only one shot from each film (though some have a half-dozen great shots of stairs).

There's no theory behind the site, really. It's just a silly project I decided to adopt to do something fun and mostly egoless. I'm glad people enjoy it, though.
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