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Inside Man (2006)

Inside Man (2006)
Inside Man, dir: Spike Lee
This was a gorgeous long shot!
Very smooth and exploitive of the wide angle, to which the stairs were beautifully susceptible.

Now that I think about it, I remember another long shot (not relevant to stairs, but, well, memory...) - the one with which the heroine of Jodie Foster is introduced: again a very graceful accession from the outside, through her window, to her, inside. I later read, but only now found the connection, about Hitchcock's 'Psycho' (which I have watched, but not paid attention to that opening much) and Welle's 'Touch of Evil' (which I have yet to see), which films have set out the "standards" of executing such a from-outside-to-inside shot.
Maybe you could remember similarly "treated" stairs in those films? I mean, the stair scene in 'Psycho' is differently carried out, isn't it?
Thanks, Marina. Sorry for the long delay in commenting; I've been offline for two weeks.

In Psycho the camera "tracks" up the stairs and turns to point downwards, I think as an eerie camera movement which also handily prevents us from seeing Mother's face when she rushes out. The shot is introduced once before the attack, and so (I think) it's accepted without analysis the second time, when Arbogast is killed.

I can't remember any stairs in Touch of Evil; it's one of the classic films which I (embarrassingly) just can't connect with, though I love the opening shot. (Welles' lovable scampishness in F for Fake speaks to me much more somehow).
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